Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Terra Firma Review

Alrighty then, the results are in.

The OILY SKIN kit:
I tried this one first, since I have combo skin, but the company only offers specified products for "oily" and "dry/mature". Figured it was easier to moisturize than to deal with a breakout. For the first few days, I was highly pleased. The products smell amazing and natural.

Boot Camp Pore Cleansing Gel - smells very minty (or is that eucalyptus?) and leaves skin with a pleasant cooling sensation (which certainly feels clean. Wasn't a greasy or thick product...but was a very bright orange that messed up the sink. Does contain salicylic acid and guar gum (for anyone with an allergy/sensitivity).

Derma Toner (combo/oily skin) - a strange milky substance that separates when not in use. Must be shaken before use. Contains some sort of clay...and I felt like it coated my skin. It did do what it claimed...kept the oil under control. But, I'm afraid it went too far.

Shine Free Oil Control Lotion - by far, my favorite of the products I used. It is light and smells great. The only problem is it didn't moisturize well enough to make up for the dryness left by the other two products.

I tried these products in several combinations. I left out the toner to see if that helped...which it did, I think.

Overall verdict: If you have truly distressed skin...oily without any dryness - these would be an excellent fit. Combination girls...this isn't for us.

I also tried the following products one or two times without success:

Mineral Skin Renewal Mist:
What exactly does it do? From what I could tell, it just got my skin didn't moisturize or clean, so what is the point?

L'Orange Cleanser:
Smelled wonderful - similar to the Boot Camp Cleanser - but left my skin feeling greasy and as if I hadn't gotten all of the soap off.

Nutriskin Moisture Complex lotion: Also left my skin feeling greasy.

So, there you have it. While I am impressed with their company and their ingredients. The products just didn't do it for me. I think they would be better suited to a teenager with problem skin or an older woman with very dry, moisture- hungry skin.

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