Sunday, April 11, 2010


Well, there she goes...another spring break gone in a wisp of smoke. But, at least there is something to show for it. A new deck, flowers planted, the majority of the weeding and pruning done, one bathroom cleaned inside and out.

Unfortunately, though, I didn't get the work I brought home done, so I will be hitting the ground running and at least 3 laps behind tomorrow morning. Oh well, I guess it was worth it to put that off for awhile and just enjoy the time off.

The family is gone now, the little one is asleep, and I'm still a bit hungover from our friend's raucous 50th birthday bash last night. But, I'm feeling accomplished and ready to tackle the next 10 weeks. Then it is summer.

So, here we go.

Night - (April, Melissa)

Tired, I slip in an out,
thoughts slick and hard to hold.
My dreams promise to be quiet,
and morning will come with a whisper,
soft and too early.
But, contentment, like warm tea
washes through my veins
and I will welcome the coming dawn.

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