Monday, January 18, 2010

Finding space and getting out

Today was Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday - observed...which, for me, also meant a day off from work (which sort of annoys me...I never understand why we get days off because someone else did something great: i.e. Veteran's Day, Memorial Day...etc.). Anyhow, I'm not unappreciative of the day off. I got a lot accomplished. I'm still working on my purge goal for January, so this morning, after watching our morning movie while snuggling on the couch, I tackled my kiddo's closet, and rearranged his room to make room for a few things he got this Christmas. That got them out of my living room! Yay! And I started a new Goodwill bag (it's an ongoing process that continues throughout the year).

Of course, I still haven't managed to even approach the war zone trauma unit that is our storage room...that will be this weekend and will require several days of mental preparation and, quite likely, an entire bottle of wine.

The afternoon was spent walking the trail with my son, followed by hot chocolate (yes indeed, it was organic). It's been a long dang time since I had hot chocolate. I forgot how good it was...and even better shared with a happy little boy who thought it was the best thing on the planet after a brisk winter jaunt through a mucky, gloomy, swampy wood.

At least we got out...and the sun took a break from its northwest hibernation to shine a little vitamin D our way. I forget how much 30 minutes of sunlight can benefit the spirit. it also reminded me that the days are getting longer and spring is officially on its way. The butterfly bush in the front yard already has new green leaves. It won't be long before the early crocuses start to shoot up. I can't wait!

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