Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Guest Blogger

So tonight I offered to Blog for my spouse. Put away teh red pens and please bear with...

Changes, small changes, big changes, how in the hell do you keep track of change from point A to point B?

Today, was a day of shameless self promotion.I am not of the type that toots my own trumpet but, I sent on letters from several of my higher ups to another agency hoping for leverage in the dismal job market.

All of the letters say what I already know. But, I am forced to accept the brutal reality of seniority, scoring and nepotism.

The last time I talked with this entity I had 10 years of a career under my belt and a bunch of dreams, which amounted to a hill of beans; today there is hard won experience and humility.

Someone is hiring, today or tomorrow.

When the winds of change come, the bums take cover. Because, quarters hurt when you get hit by them.

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