Friday, February 12, 2010

Celebrate small things

I learned a long time ago in a training seminar that one should celebrate small things. Small successes, small events, small changes. The level of celebration should mirror the thing being celebrated. For example, when you finish the laundry, celebrate by putting your feet up and enjoying a glass of wine. When you pass a big test, celebrate by going out with friends. When you get a new job, throw a party and invite all your buddies...have several adult beverages and share the success.

Celebration happens all over the world, for a lot of different reasons.

But small celebrations don't happen enough. It's the little things that go uncelebrated: your child learns to tie his own shoes, you shovel the entire driveway clean of snow, your spouse does a chore he/she normally doesn't do. Sure we notice these things. We might even comment with mild adoration or moderate enthusiasm.

Next time you achieve something small, do more than notice.

Today, I finished a big project...a whole pile of evaluations that have taken me several days. I put them in an envelope and sent them off to the big guys in charge. And then I had two hurricanes at a friend's house.

Now, I'm going to celebrate being done with this day...and pray that what is currently happening in my head is not a sinus infection. Grrr.

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