Monday, February 15, 2010

Quality Time and Trying New Things

So, it's been a couple of days since I wrote, but it doesn't mean I haven't been keeping up with the plan.

Saturday night D. and I went out to dinner for V-day...Bella Italia, per usual. And though it has always been our favorite place for special occasions, it has been slipping over the last year or two. Unfortunately, I think this V-day was our last at Bella. The service was lackluster and the desert was unimpressive. For the money, I think it is time to move on across the road to Michael's. We usually prefer them for late night snacks, anyhow, because they have a great late-night happy hour menu. But, they also do a few things that Bella doesn't to cater to the local crowd...such as Locals Night (Thursday), occasional $3/$5 coupons for next visit, Sunday $25 dinner for two/kids eat free. They cost about the same as Bella...and Michael is pretty much always there working...which means the help is ALWAYS working and service is impeccable. Sometimes, you just gotta move along.

Of course, the company for the evening was wonderful...dinner with D....warehouse party with friends...drinks and apps at Michael's.

Most of Sunday, I was sick...which is why there have been no posts for the last few days. But, Sunday night, I worked the front door at C'est Si Bon. An easy night of greeting couples and seating them...followed by wonderful leftovers (duck in a fabulous creamy sauce....mmmm...about a thousand calories, I'm sure) in the kitchen and a couple of glasses of wine with the staff and the owners/chef. It was actually pretty fun, since it was something different, and it was nice to help out friends.

Today, I stepped out of my box again, by extending an invitation to someone new to hang out at the park with the kids. Took lunch to D., took a nap in the afternoon, and went to Sunny Farms to pick up supplies for the week to come. It was nice to have the extra day off, and I feel that I used it well, just hanging out with the little man, who was in an unusually accommodating mood today. The sun actually peeked out for half a second, and the tulips were noticeably out of the soil.

All in all, a pretty great weekend, even if I didn't get much of purpose accomplished. Back to the grind tomorrow, though. 4 day weeks always seem longer than regular ones.

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