Thursday, February 11, 2010

Quick, easy, and sophisticated

First, let me just say that the book was WONDERFUL (The Art of Racing in the Rain)...and the chamomile tea with honey was soothing.

Tonight, however, there is about 7 hours worth of work waiting for me and only 1 and a half hours to do it. Grr.

Yesterday, D. notified me early that he wouldn't have time to do dinner, so it would have to be my responsibility. Not a problem really, as I rarely have to do it. But, with my own list of things to get done, there was no way I was pulling out The Joy of Cooking and drumming up something spectacular and complicated.

Nope. I just went for our old, simple stand-by...a plate of various cheeses (manchego, cochita, myzithra, swiss, dill havarti, red dorset, and a few others), a plate of meats (roast beef, salami, turkey, and ham), a sliced baguette, and a bowl of olive oil, basalmic vinegar, and spices. Oh...and let's not forget the wine.

Simple. Easy. Sophisticated.

There's no reason to do more than is necessary. Most of the time.

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