Friday, January 29, 2010


So I watched this film tonight. I like goofy movies...and I'm not ashamed to admit that I have been a fan of Jim Carrey since Fire Marshall Bill. And even though this one wasn't a deep thinker (let's face it, not much of Carrey's work is meant to make you probe the deepest recesses of your mind - and thank goodness, since I only see his movies so I can laugh and STOP thinking for a second), it did pose an interesting proposition. Saying yes can open up doors. Saying yes can invite life. Now I know, I know...just a few weeks ago I preached about saying liberating and necessary it is. But, saying yes (or no) at the appropriate time acts as a key...a key to a door you never thought of opening. Say no to something you normally wouldn't...something you really want to say no to. No, I will not work an extra shift this weekend, because I'd rather hang out with my kids or my girlfriends. But say yes to something you normally wouldn't, too. Yes, I can help with that fundraiser dinner. Yes, I'd love to take a part in the community play. Sometimes yes is a scary word...much scarier than no. No is dismissive. It lets you off the hook. But, yes. Yes commits. When we are happiest, yes is the word that rolls off the tongue. Yes is connected to youth, spontaneity, invigoration. Yes is wild, commanding, and a little compulsive. And don't worry, you can always fall back on no. It will always be there, standing right behind you. And it has it's place. No can be direct, aggressive, and protective. No can be necessary. But sometimes it can just be an excuse given out of fear, laziness, or unwillingness to try something new. So tomorrow, or next week...say yes to just one thing you normally wouldn't. Who knows, maybe it will become a habit.

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