Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wham Bam, Thank you, Taxman!

Yep...we're just about done. We actually started doing our taxes this year before we even had all our info. The new bank-connected Turbo Tax lets us do a little here, save, and do a little there, until we're finished. We began last weekend, but the final info. should be here tomorrow with my paycheck! This is the earliest I or we have ever filed. What's our motivation, you may ask? A big return (hopefully) to use toward the first vacation we've had since our honeymoon (which, as stated in an earlier blog, I don't count as a vacation).

We could be responsible and pay off some more debt. We could save it. Build a bigger deck. Instead, we are going to fix the deck as best we can on as few dollars as possible, pay off a few bills, and take a damned break! Poor D. has given up his vacation days three years in a year to be in the hospital with me, one to be in the hospital with our son, and one to take college courses. I'd say he deserves a bit of fun. Even if it means a few hundred less will be serving our "treading water" approach to budgeting.

So that's it. Get your taxes done...and fast...and take as many loops as you can through the holes to get every cent you can. And then use it, to make yourself happy.


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