Thursday, January 7, 2010

Spoons and Sammiches

Small change for today - take your own spoon to work. I've been terrible about it this year. I keep forgetting to bring my own silverware, and then I end up using a plastic utensil and bringing it home to wash and take back to re-use (which I rarely do). Today, I remembered! And I will continue to try and improve on this front.

And in other news...

100%, whole wheat bread (with the crust) spread thick with peanut butter and a tall-frosty glass of milk - split it in half = a perfect 10 minutes with a happy toddler. Mommy and son time. Ain't nothin' like it!

Usually, I come home and get right to business of one type or another...some chore (I've now promised myself - only one major chore per night if I can manage it without letting the house go completely to hell), jumping on the treadmill, taking care of the dogs, something...but today ---- eeerrch! Slow down and smell the PB, man!

We planned it in the car, and he seemed so unbelievably happy. He ran right to the front door, zoomed through 2 jumping, wild dogs and made a b-line to the pantry.

"Here you go, momma!" he grunted, as he used all his strength to push the jar of peanut butter into the air.

It was nice.

And then I jumped right on the treadmill. 20 minutes. And the whole time, my little man danced and shook his boot-ay in the mirror, happily filling his time in the same room until I was done.

Another few successes for this week...we managed to keep the cartoons off everyday except yesterday (the same day as my other "fail" of not getting on the treadmill), and I re-used my ceramic coffee mug 4 days in a row by simply rinsing it straight after use, instead of running it through the dishwasher. One less dish to fill it up means we're one dish away from running it. I also seem to have fallen into a new laundry routine, which will hopefully be more workable. Up until now, it's been pretty much feast or famine in the dirty dungaree department. There were either 12 loads waiting to be attended to, or it was all caught up and I was worn out. So, I was committing to one load per night...but that just made me resentful. Laundry - every freaking no no...that was not going to work. I even tried every other day, but then it just seemed like I never got caught up. Now, I've just accepted it. Get it all caught up on the weekend, and then let if pile up all week. One less thing to worry about during the week when time is so scarce.

Speaking of which, we also found out this week that the workout routine is not quite going to work. I work until about 4:30. I head off to pick up the kiddo from daycare and make it home around 5:00. D. usually gets home around 5:15. It might seem simple. I do my 20 min. before he gets home. But, I rarely get on the machine until he's just walking through the door. He doesn't have time to wait for me, because he takes closer to 45 min. to workout and is also the head cook of the family (I'm just the sous chef, and for good reason). That's not all! This amazing, overworked man is also taking classes online at night. So, between us both, having to workout, cook dinner, do household chores (my job), play with the little one, get him bathed, jammied, and read to by 7:30-8:00...followed by homework, writing, reading, showers and, somehow - sleep, it can be a bit much to fit into a 5 hour time slot. So, we might not both be able to workout every day, since we may have to trade off cooking on occasion when D. has too much homework. I guess we will figure out a plan. Even if I don't do the treadmill, I guess there isn't any reason I can't do something else...dancing around the living room like a crazy loon with my son sounds like a feasible alternative. Getting up earlier or trying to fit it into my 30 minute lunch period (which is really only 20 when you factor in all the interruptions and my one legitimate bathroom break of the day).

Now, I'm heading to the bedroom to get comfy, then moving to the couch for the evening to drink ice water - maybe a glass of Three Buck Chuck - and read...more than 20 minutes (I have to get caught up for my book group tomorrow).

P.S. I did get the draft of a poem done last night for Tidepools.

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