Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Tonight, it's Tidepools' turn, my friends. My simple gift to myself tonight is a blessed hour to try and find or write something for submission to the contest. I'm way behind this year. Spent the holiday break with family and had no time to write. Actually, haven't written much creatively since summer.

So here it is...if wealth is time, I'm living under the poverty line. Tonight, my back is sore, so laying in my bed will be sweet release. Until then, my butt is glued to this chair until I get something hammered out (or at least chosen) to send off. Deadline is the 11th for postmarking!!!! And just like every other year, I'll be in line at the post office with 12 other friendly, frazzled faces that belong to obvious writers...calloused middle fingers, short finger nails for typing, circles under their eyes, and - quite likely - mismatched socks. There is a look about a writer. Serious, intent, frenzied, always watching. I wonder if we freak people out.

Anyhow. That's where is stands.

A quick update on some of this week's successes: my plan B at work turned into a smashing success and has now turned into plan A (sometimes procrastination does pay off, in that it leads to sparks of unexpected genius); we avoided television altogether Mon. and Tues. and only gave in to a 12 minute cartoon for the kiddo today; D. bought his shoe insoles at Frick's Drugs instead of following through with his threat of going to Wal-mart ("It doesn't count if I go does it?" - "Why yes it does my dear...yes it does."); we've had two spontaneous family dance moments...just shakin' what our mommas gave us; we have remembered to bring our own water canteens to work every day this week; and I sent my ceramic coffee mug with a colleague on her coffee run rather that falling back on a paper cup.

Some "fails": no treadmill today....just plant a big, fat "L" on my forehead and call it good. I gave in to the call of dinner and vacuumed up the fur bunnies, which were threatening to eat the child if they were allowed to accumulate any more girth. I think they may have, in fact, eaten one of the cats. It has been suspiciously absent since I got home.

Anyhow, I'm off to write. Wish me luck....maybe I will post later and share the submissions.

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