Friday, January 8, 2010

Laundry and Emotional Maturity bad news for another one of my well-thought out, well-intentioned plans...putting off laundry until the weekend doesn't appear to be in my septic tank's best interest...Dammit! (Thanks, V.)

I'm good to it in other ways...I don't use a lot of cleaning products, I only use liquid detergent (powdered is bad) and I only use non-chlorine bleach on occasion. The research I did said that 1-2 loads per day was best, but that up to 4 can be done if enough time is allowed to pass between them. So, we'll see this weekend how much one family of 3 produced, laundry-wise, in one week. I did many loads of laundry last weekend, and we started "clean" on Monday. So, what's waiting has been produced from Sunday night to Friday night. Maybe it will fall under the 8 load limit and I'll be golden...otherwise, I may have to add a weeknight to my laundry schedule.

I guess since I have to alternate days on the treadmill, that will be okay, but I do it very begrudgingly...and with a pouty face.

Speaking of emotional maturity...

Today started with an irate "client" laying into me and being completely irrational. Somehow, very against my nature, I stayed calm and did not let it ruin the rest of my day. I was assertive, blunt, and uncompromising. The last word was mine, and that was ..."Done." A very Hemingway-esque, one word sentence.

So my small change today was to control my anger and not allow a moron to control my emotional outlook. It wasn't even completely intentional. It just happened that way. But, since it was unusual, I'm using it here.

The husband's off to work tonight. So the other nice thing I'll be doing for myself is crawling into bed early. Within minutes actually, after I check a few friends' blogs and the kiddo stops trying to break out of his bed in the other room.

The critters seem nervous tonight. I wonder what is in the air.

P.S. With the weekend coming up, if you are looking for something to read, or for a defense of sitting on the couch doing these:

The Right to Be Lazy by Paul Lafargue (1883)

"Idea of simple life takes hold" USA Today

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Melissa said...

Looks like we are about a 6 load per week family. Doing one load on Friday night and another load on Monday, allows for 2 loads per weekend day. No more overload on the septic system...AND I'm not doing laundry all week!!!! Yay for compromise!