Thursday, January 14, 2010

Redemption and Refusal

Ahhhh...I absolved my sin by taking back my purchase from Walgreens. D. ended up buying me replacements (costing roughly the same amount, as the cotton balls were a silly price - I think they get to add on an automatic surcharge if the label says "organic", but the toner - Avalon Organics - was cheaper so it all evened out in the end). Now I can move on and avoid further weaknesses in the future by being better prepared and not running out of things before I finally go out to find them.

Also, today, the word "no" came out many more times than the word "yes." Most of us need to learn to use the word more often (except toddlers - they just plain wear the word out). "No, I cannot meet you earlier or stay hours are from A to B." "No I cannot take on one more project, I am already maxed out time-wise." "No I will not accept your late paperwork. The deadline passed weeks ago." "No I will not be on both committees...only one, so you choose which is best." You even have to say no to yourself once in awhile. "No, I will not clean one more thing." "No, I will not feel guilty about sitting on the couch when the sink is full of dishes." "No, I will not stay up late doing stuff I don't want to do...I will fall in early and feel better in the morning for doing so." And to your kids. "No, you can't be involved in 3 different sports at the same time, I am not your chauffeur, and I like to see you at the dinner table. So pick wisely." "No, you may not watch T.V." "No, I am not the meanest parent in the world, your grandparents were." No. No. No. It feels pretty good.

But, then, sometimes, so does saying yes. You just have to know when to say when.

I think we are far too critical of ourselves. We work and work and do and do, and then when we "don't" we feel like our lack of production somehow makes us lazy or worthless.

I, for one, am going to sit on the couch and read for my book club. I have no problem with "don't".

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