Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Confessions of Shame

I caved today and must hang my head in corporate shame.

I dropped by Country Air today, because I was down to my last drop of Burt's Bees Garden Tomato Toner and was almost out of cotton balls. They had neither item...and said that it would be several weeks before the toner came in. AHHHHHH! I've been everywhere in the surrounding towns looking for this stuff, and this store is the only one that carries it.

So I broke down and went to Rite Aid. They didn't have it. I went to Walgreens. They didn't have it. It was 6:00, I had a cranky toddler, and I just bought the closest thing to what I was looking for...Alba Facial Toner...another pretty good organic product by a company I trust (out of Canada).

I brought it home, set it on the counter, and the guilt started setting in. Dammit! I could've found another way.

So my small step for today is a request for absolution. If I had a small cubicle containing a priest, I'd run right in to get it off my chest. But since I don't, you're the closest thing.

And now that I have confessed, I will be taking the items back tomorrow and sending my husband to pick up similar products at Sunny Farms on his way home from work tomorrow. If I can't have the exact thing I'm looking for, I will have to buy my "plan b" at a local store. Simple as that. End of story.

It was a promise we made to each other and ourselves that we would not buy anything at a chain store this year. And I'm not willing to ruin that over something so silly. So, the items will be returned.

I, however, cannot take back the stickers I bought my son as a bribe to keep his behavior under control. He's already put them all over a piece of paper. So we are quite literally "stuck" with those. Guess I'll be putting that up on the fridge as a reminder of my shame. Ugh! I am a weak, weak person. But, at least I am willing to meet that weakness head on and share it with the world.

In other news, I managed to cook dinner with what we had left in the fridge. Garlic lime chicken, sliced potatoes baked with onions and spices, and a spinach salad with feta, tomatoes, red onion, olive oil, and vinegar. Not bad for "what was left".

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