Friday, January 15, 2010

Early to bed, early to rise....

makes us all healthy, wealthy, and wise. And actually, it's true.

Americans are notoriously under-rested. We don't go to bed early enough. We stay up reading, internet surfing, watching the news or late night T.V. And even when we do, we sleep on the wrong kinds of beds, with the wrong pillows, we toss and turn, we stress about tomorrow's work, we eat too late and give ourselves indigestion, we drink and give ourselves fitful dreams, we snore ourselves awake, our loved ones steal the covers. We wake up, fuel ourselves with caffeine, drag our bodies through the day, and come home to meet the bed again.

But sometimes, just sometimes, the planets align and we find ourselves home early on a given night...the kids asleep, the husband or wife busy with something else, and a gloriously empty bed waiting for us to sneak in early and steal a bit of solitary rest.

Going to bed early makes rising early (which most of us have no choice about, anyway, what with the creaking doors and the pitter patter of small feet and the *tap, tap* "Mommy and daddy, your sleeping?" whispered from the bedroom doorway at 7 in the morning on a Saturday) a little less taxing. We wake up refreshed...not annoyed at being awakened by our angelic children or our hopeful pets. Good god it is a blessing to wake up on your own steam instead of at the behest of the frigging alarm!

And then there is a wealth of time and energy to spend throughout the day. And that is a very wise way to live...when we get the chance.

Tonight, I have it, and I'm taking it...right about...


BTW - Happy Birthday, Martin...and sweet dreams.

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