Saturday, January 16, 2010

Making lists and checking them twice

It's a good way to keep from forgetting what you are doing on an errand run. It also improves your chances of avoiding an impulse buy. Furthermore, it can help plan your trip so that travel is efficient.

Today, we did just that. We made our list: gas station, post office, book store, drug store, hardware store, pet store, thrift store. We planned the shortest route. And we executed it miserably. Since we put off eating lunch, we were ornery and tired before we even began. We couldn't find what we wanted at the first hardware store, so ended up going to another. We couldn't find parking near the bookstore, so we gave up and tried to find a cheap, local eatery that wasn't packed. Chinese wasn't first on our list, but it's where we ended up. Then, we backtracked our way to the thrift store for a donation drop-off, hit the pet store for tank filters, picked up my book order, and picked up the mail.

Not the best route, but we did accomplish everything on our list, and we didn't buy anything that was not on it. Yay! 10 points for us!

I've run into a new problem, however, as I cannot find a local store that sells make-up. Looks like Rite Aide, Walmart, and Walgreens have the monopoly on beauty products. The local stores that do carry make-up products have either a very poor selection, a very expensive few items, or nothing I'm looking for. It must be that people who prefer to live naturally don't wear make-up, need hairspray, or wear high-heels. Sorry, I'm not giving up being a girly-girl just because I want to live healthier and more environmentally friendly. I don't plan to stop shaving or coloring my hair. And I like manicures and pedicures, matter how big of a waste of money they might seem. I may end up stuck with the internet for this one. Anyone know of local companies that make their own products? Anywhere in Washington? My protocol is this: paraben-free, certified organic ingredients, moderately affordable, no animal testing. I like the Jane products (aguaceuticals) and Physician's Formula Organics, but I can't seem to find them anywhere but chain drug stores. GRRRRR!

So, this may be one for the internet. I'll let you know how it turns out. Good friends coming tonight to share bevies and snacks! Time to put my virtual life on hold for my real one!

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Anonymous said...

Have you tried eBay? It's not a chain a bunch of online corner stores....