Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day

MMMMMMMM....yummy! We have this new thing this year where I work. Each of us was charged with bringing in a nice smelling hand soap for the ladies' bathroom. Just a fun way to avoid using the commercial soap that may have been sitting in the dispenser on the wall for years. Eww. Usually, people bring in really sweet smelling products...which aren't bad, but the ingredients definitely leave something to be desired. And then one day, someone put Mrs. Meyer's lavender hand soap by the sink. I wanted to wash my hands 10 times a day just to smell it. So I bought some. The lemon verbena is wonderful, too. They also offer cleaning products. And to help out the planet a bit, you can buy refill packages so you won't need to throw away/recycle so many plastic bottles and pumps. Mrs. Meyer's is owned by the Caldrea Company.

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