Monday, March 15, 2010

Don't listen to devil

So, you've heard the old folk tale about a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other? The angel tells you the right path to follow, while the devil gets you way off track. Sometimes, listening to the devil isn't the worst idea; in fact, it can be fun. But, that devil isn't the most motivated little sucker in the world. It can wreak havoc on your obligations and responsibilities.

Today, I almost gave into it. All day, it kept telling me (ironically) that I had too much work to do tonight to run or walk the dogs. I held my ground. I hurried home, got my sweats on and laced up my shoes. I ran half of what I normally walk/run, with the intention of going back and getting the dogs to do it all over again (walking, this time as a cool down). The little demon piped back up with excuses about how my calves hurt and I was getting shin splints. I made it home and almost said no to the dogs...but I couldn't. They were so excited I was back and that their leashes were already out. So, I hooked them up and headed back out. But, the demon didn't stop there. It tried to get me to stop twice and turn around early.

I didn't. I kept going. And, what do you know, by the time I made it home, my calves no longer hurt, and the shin splints that appeared to be starting were already feeling better. Guess, I was just taking a little longer to get warmed up than normal.

It's hard, but sometimes we just have to shut out the voices and keep going, even if it hurts and there are a hundred other things we should or would rather be doing.

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