Sunday, March 14, 2010

addendum (post 2)

Just one more reason to buy local. We went to refill our propane tank and found out that refilling at True Value - Farm & Garden Co-op in Sequim is about $7 dollars cheaper than doing a trade-in at Walmart or Home Depot.

Also, corned beef is on sale at Sunny Farms for St. Patrick's Day. It's inexpensive for the product. I'm pretty sure I've never had corned beef that tasted better and was so easy to prepare. Just stick it in a crock pot, just barely cover with water. Turn on low and let cook all day (6-8 hours). Voila!

If you want to put in veggies like potatoes or carrots and onions, just add them in about 3-4 hours into the process.

The beef is seasoned so perfectly, you don't need to add ANY seasonings.

Now that is simple. And we love simple!

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