Monday, February 1, 2010

A failure is only a failure if you accept it as such

And yes...I have failed. Many times. In many areas of my life. But, with this project, it is my intention to fail as few times as possible and to count the "failures" I do encounter as learning opportunities.

For example, last month I caved and bought something at Walgreens when I could've found it at local store instead, very easily. My guilt sent me right back to the store the following day to return the items (except a pack of stickers that my son had already stuck all over a piece of paper). I posted that paper on the fridge to remind myself to avoid those types of temptations if I can.

But, there are some "failures" that are nearly unavoidable, or that would be silly to try and avoid any harder than I already have.

This would include the search for organic bedding made in the USA and found at least remotely near the peninsula. This search has now ended in compromise, at least this time. Would I rather pay shipping and handling...spend $$$$$ on gas running around trying to find it at 25 different stores in 4 different towns...waste countless hours scoping the internet for green companies so I can avoid buying from a "big box" internet store which, let's face it, ain't much better than Wal-Mart?

No. So sometimes, I'm going to have to say that "giving in" (or doing without) is better for the environment than holding out for the perfect thing. Also, sometimes you find a compromise deal that is actually too good to pass up. At Costco (Washington-based), I found a set of Calvin Klein sheets, 100% cotton, made in India (not China) for $19.97 (even the checker was stunned). I couldn't find lower than $35.00 even at Bay Variety or Swains...and those sheets were all made in China! So, I not only gave in and bought one set, I plan to return and buy more. After washing them and putting them on the bed, I am plenty impressed with their softness, weight, and quality.

Also, we couldn't find an easy trade for our dishwasher detergent, so we just bought our old Costco standard. They did, however have regular dish soap that was environmentally-friendly. Only $6.99.

And lastly, for this week anyway, I bought two make-up brushes at Rite-Aide. I couldn't see spending what Alima Pure wanted for their's, so I checked other places on-line, finally deciding that the product I really wanted (Eco-tools) wasn't worth the shipping and handling from Amazon or when I can find them right here in town. Sometimes, it just has to be about saving money and being least when every other sane avenue has been considered and/or tried.

So, there you have it...I'm going to mess up. And sometimes it's going to be on purpose. At least until I come up with a better solution. But, I won't hide it. I'll share it, welcome your advice to avoid it in the future, and hopefully find alternatives later.

That's all.

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