Saturday, May 21, 2011

There's an app for that...

So, now that I've had my new phone for awhile, I have finally gotten to the point where survival has moved to learning and right on into playing. My favorite new apps:


This app allows you to calendar your life and your family's. It color codes each member, allows you to enter multiple appointments, and shows calendar and agenda mode. It also includes a shopping list (you can have as many as you want), and a To Do list (you can create one for each member of the family). The extra special part? You can sync it to your computer, your loved ones' phones (oh,'s your "to do" list...and can you take a glance at the shopping list and pick up a few things on the way home). I'm sure my husband will be totally on board.

My Fitness Pal

This app is soooooo easy to use and quite motivating. It basically tracks your daily nutrition and calories. The food database is amazing! This app is basically a running record of what you have eaten (and the nutritional content of it all), how much you have exercised, how much water you have consumed, and how many calories still available for you to meet your goals. It's a nutrition and health diary that does all the hard work for you. Very handy.

My Tracks

If you are a runner or a long distance walker...this is a great app. It tracks you (yes, Big Brother IS watching you), and lets you know how far you have gone, your elevation changes, and your time.

And BTW, now that summer is on the way (at least I think it is...what with all this rain and cold and dreariness), I'll finally have more time to write! Yay!

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