Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Flouride: The Underground News

Kind of an annoying (though possibly witty, in a science-fiction sort of way) video to listen to...but the information is good. With the current petition going around in Port Angeles (a city which practices water fluoridation), which I signed enthusiastically, I thought this might be useful to share.

I'd like to find the end of this video...seems to cut off before it is finished. If anyone finds it, let me know...or post it in the comments! If you click on the link below the video (it says "fluoride action network" or provides a web address) you will find scads of further information on the issue.

A few years ago, when the city decided to add fluoride to our city water, I was furious. I'm not even sure they actually had enough votes for it. I know that I voted against it. It seems like an issue that shouldn't even be put to a vote, since it is essentially forcing a drug on ALL citizens without allowing the choice to abstain (unless you are willing to and can afford an alternate water source). Hmm...I'm sure everyone has their own opinion about this (even if it means you have NO opinion).

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