Saturday, February 6, 2010

Out of the Ordinary

This is what I did instead of blog tonight. This is why I have 51 minutes left before this day runs out...and I almost "failed"...I almost didn't post.

But, I decided it was an opportune time to pass on a plug for this film, if you haven't seen it yet. I realize it's been out for awhile. I tend to be slow to the new releases as I never go to the theater (it hurts my wallet to pay 9$ per person and then twice as much for a soda and popcorn).

And this is a film I have walked by on several occasions. I've even picked it up and said, "Nah," on a few different visits to the video store. I'm just not a sci-fi, shoot 'em up kind of gal (I was even a bit disappointed when D. picked it out tonight). But, I must say that the ironically "human" element of this film is gripping. And though it may have been completely unbelievable and played out if it were filmed conventionally, Jackson does the story emphatic justice by filming it as a documentary. It really worked. I even looked past the fact that the humans and the aliens spoke different languages, without translation, and yet could understand each other completely. That means the story was good enough for me to avoid questioning any disparities and/or holes in the story line.

I'm pretty much a movie freak. I love films of all types, but occasionally, one comes around that blows my sense of categorization out of the water and shoots down my assumptions about genre. This is one of them.

As D. pointed out, much like the story of Lolita, you find yourself siding with the opposite team...the "bad guy" so to speak, by the end. But the shift in sides is almost imperceptible. You hardly notice your emotions being slid out from under you. And then they add the kids. Dammit! What woman can avoid falling for a kid...with his big wide-eyed innocence? Even if it is an ugly, little alien beast.

I totally recommend this film. Sometimes doing something you think you won't like turns out giving you a surprising change of tune. Put that in your box of tricks and shake it.

BTW...I made it...with 37 minutes to spare.

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