Sunday, January 3, 2010 two I'm finding it difficult to do just one small thing each day. I'm motivated and full of ideas, and it seems that one thing just naturally leads to another.

I found myself listing ideas for accomplishment in the future. Idea after idea poured onto the page. I sit here typing by lamplight (it's nearly pitch dark at 5 pm here in the Northwest), I am satisfied with the steps we took today. I successfully procrastinated work to hang out with my family; we took a walk on the Discovery Trail (just a few steps away from our house, how blessed are we?) up to an unmarked single-lane, muddy road. D.'s curiousity led us up to a splendid view of the ocean and Mt. Baker. Wow! Makes me want to make "family nature walks" a part of every weekend.

Unfortunately, I'm sure the property belongs to someone (even though it wasn't marked "No Trespassing"...the remains of a campfire, shotgun shells and targets on the trees, and litter of all kinds made me sad. Hard to believe that even off the beaten path, that kind of ugliness is ruining it for the rest of us.

My advice: tread lightly, and if you must leave your mark...make it a trace...or make it figurative.

Also, I made rags out of an old pair of D.'s sweatpants (chalk one point up for me in the "reuse" category). And I made a 30 minute search online for 100% organic bed pillows made in the U.S.A. price I could find was around $60 per pillow (ouch!).

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