Thursday, December 24, 2009


My Carbon Footprint: A Quiz

I've taken this quiz before...What I like about it (and there are a few other good ones out there that do similar things) is that it doesn't just tell you: "OMG! Look at what a wasteful person you are! You should be ashamed, you greedy, carnivorous, earth-hating, American!!!" It compares your averages throughout the quiz with the national average; and it also provides extended information throughout the quiz to help you modify or clarify. At the end, it provides you with the following information (I've inserted mine - which I am both proud and ashamed to share - proud because my numbers are lower than average, but ashamed because they are nowhere near as low as they should be):

If everyone lived my lifestyle, we would need 5.16 earths.
My footprint in global acres by consumption category: 200.08 total acres (I was lower than the national average in every category buy food, in which I was equal)

Then you can click a very large green box that says "Reduce Your Footprint" for personalized advice. I have posted mine, if you are interested, in a separate post following this one.

So, there you have it. That's what I'm starting with. In some ways, I'm doing well, in other ways I'm a scourge upon the environment. Fun, fun! *sarcasm*

Want to try other sites? Simply "google" MY FOOTPRINT, and you'll find dozens of sites. Make sure to find out who is responsible for them...not all are equal...not all are reputable.

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